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MB, Liskeard

I have been a regular client of Lynne since 2007. Originally seeking help to give up smoking I soon discovered how good acupuncture was for so many things. I had injured my back in 2002 and been on high dose pain killers on a daily basis.

Regular treatments have enabled me to manage this along with a host of other ailments from arthritis to sleeplessness. It even helped to clear my sinuses. I honestly cannot recommend Lynne highly enough Combining professionalism with a friendly manner I have found her to be a very approachable lady who put me at my ease from day one Oh yes ---the smoking. I did give up my 50yr habit & no it wasn’t easy but thanks to a brilliant therapist I managed.

Thank you Lynne

JFB, Looe

After several serious illnesses, I have been left with various disabilities. After receiving treatment from Lynne, the pain has been eased considerably. Lynne always listens, and gives you complete confidence.


Acupuncture from Lynne Parkyn has helped me enormously with both the physical and emotional impacts of IVF, aiding recovery from fertility treatment and ensuring my body and mind are healthy and well to give us the best chance of success. I have had acupuncture with Lynne on and off for five years, and have found her to be kind, sensitive and caring, and easy to talk to about sensitive subjects.

But more importantly, she is also extremely knowledgeable about acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and generous with her experience, answering any questions I have had about the theory, history and treatment. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend acupuncture with Lynne for either fertility related acupuncture, or for treatment to help with stress, emotional or general physical wellbeing.


As a sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the past eight years I have tried many things to help stabilise my energy levels and overcome my fuggy head and rollercoaster emotions. After going to Lynne for acupuncture sessions for around 5 months I have to say all these things are being controlled. I am able to hold down my part time job and still have some energy and enthusiasm for a life with my family.

Lynne is very warm and caring, and notices the slightest change in me from my last visit, which allows her to treat me accurately and restore my body’s status quo. The traditional form of acupuncture which Lynne provides has given me back my life and I will be forever grateful.


I'd never tried acupuncture, and to be honest didn't know what to expect. I initially went for arthritis pain and after treatments would get periods of almost no pain. It's not a miracle cure, of course, but it did make a significant difference to my pain levels. I also found I needed acupuncture for a period of panic attacks and anxiety, and frankly, the difference was amazing. I felt back in control and I could finally sleep.

I genuinely don't think I would have got better, as quickly as I did, without acupuncture. And I'm just so grateful I had that resource, and complete trust in Lynne as a practitioner, to tell her what was happening and let her help. Myself and my partner have been using Lynne for five years, and we see acupuncture as just part of our 'keep well' approach to life now. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lynne, in fact I have, to quite a few people!

MM. Liskeard

I have benefitted from acupuncture treatment since 1986, from practitioners in different areas of the UK. These previous problems included an extended period of low back pain; over-active thyroid, accurate suggested diagnosis of this condition and alleviation of subsequent medical treatment side effects; symptoms of stress and low mood.

As a registered and chartered clinical psychologist, I have suggested traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment to clients as a therapy; for conditions such as chronic or acute pain, depression, and anxiety – particularly for the effects on the body of posttraumatic stress disorder, and other stress and anxiety-related conditions. Those who tried the treatment have consistently described its benefits and I have observed these in practice.

Lynne is the seventh (yes) acupuncturist from whom I have received treatment. I am fortunate to have found such a practitioner so close to home, as she has effectively and caringly treated and supported me during a recent 4 year autoimmune illness - over-active thyroid and thyroid eye disease (TED). The TED condition has been visually incapacitating and the medications and radiotherapy debilitating, whilst overall this has been a depressing and anxious time. Lynne’s treatments have been really effective in alleviating many of the symptoms of both diseases and of severe treatment side effects.

Lynne’s treatments have been as effective as any acupuncture treatment I received previously, or more so, including from some of the most senior practitioners in the traditional Chinese acupuncture field.

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